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Ichessu.com is an international chess university. They specialize in long-term online chess education by using proven educational processes. Ichessu provides chess lessons by real teachers and grandmasters & are the regular online internet chess-playing club. They are a community of chess lovers who have come together & developed their thinking skills.

Company Overview: Ichessu is a multilingual international online chess university where people irrespective of their age and region, can learn chess online. They are a regular online internet chess-playing club. Ichessu is the only online school where people can take full interactive live chess courses. They provide many services for chess lovers such as, they have free chess gaming zone with real audio and video, they have real teachers and grandmasters to teach chess. They offer chess courses for ADD and ADHD people too. Ichessu runs several programs to fit in the need of students as they have special software technology to teach chess.

Why Chess University - Ichessu ?

IchessU is so much more than a regular online internet chess club: they are a community of people, brought together by the joy of the chess game, taking it one step beyond. It doesn't matter if you kid or adult, want to learn chess rules or improve your chess strategy skills - Ichessu will fit a program precisely to your needs. Yet, they also specialize in long-term online chess education, as a tool for mental and brain development. By using proven educational processes at IchessU, they produce dramatic results.

Benefits from Ichessu:

• Take fully interactive online chess lessons
• Learn chess strategy and advance your chess level
• Improve brain abilities through the chess game
• Follow online chess activities
• Watch online chess events coverage
• Chat chess with people all over the world
• Have fun playing online chess games
• Enjoy audio and video while playing chess
• Play online chess games with real chess masters

Chess Software From Ichessu:

Download Chess Learning Platform

IchessU uses unique technology, developed especially for you, to satisfy your needs and make you feel welcome in the IchessU community. IchessU software application includes Jin client for chess servers third party software. Jin client for chess servers is a free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Download Chess Lectures

Download chess lectures from Ichessu to help you get essential knowledge for chess openings, chess strategies and more. These lectures will help you to enhance your knowledge in the chess world.

Contact Details:

4400 Dufferin Street Unit A6
Toronto, Ontario M3H 6A8
Phone No: +15625089020
Email - info@ichessu.com

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